Leeds Rhinos: Kirke tested against the best

Leeds Rhinos forward Ian Kirke represented Rugby League yesterday when he went head to head with some of Britain’s top stars in a unique cross-sport fitness test.

Kirke, along with Olympic bronze medallist gymnast Kristian Thomas, England Commonwealth weightlifter Sonny Webster, Mixed Martial Arts figher Michael Page and leading Freerunner Kie Willis, took part in Multipower’s Multisport Challenge at Leeds Rhinos’ training headquarters at Kirkstall in Leeds.

Under the guidance of personal trainer Drew Price, the sports food company set the stars a series of challenges that tested all aspects of their fitness including power, strength, agility, speed, endurance and flexibility.

Although Kirke came last overall he was pleased with his performance and was glad he took part in the event, even if it was a lot tougher than his usual training routine.

Ian-Kirke“It was certainly tough going but it was a good event as well and great to meet the other guys and see how good they are at their sports,” said Kirke.

“A couple are at peak of fitness going into the Commonwealth Games whereas at this stage of the Super League no part of you feels great and there are little niggles in your body, but I got through it and was able to complete all eight challenges. There were some I wasn’t great at but it shows what you can strive for. Guys here today have specific areas they excel at whereas being a Rugby League player you have got to be good at all different aspects of fitness as it is an all encompassing sport.

“My body, in terms of height and weight was different to a lot of them as well so it would have been interesting to see how someone like Rob Burrow would have done against the other guys. But I gave it my all and it was a good event to be a part of.”

Would he do it again?

“It’d be nice to do something like this in the off season when I don’t have to think about going to training the next day.

“Tuesday was meant to be a day off today but it didn’t feel like it was. I’m sure the’ll be some jelly legs at training on Wednesday but it was a nice way to break up the routine and it was good to try something different.

“But now it is time for more hard work all week to get ready for Widnes on Sunday.”

Leeds Rhinos are ambassadors for Multipower Sportsfood, who offer sports nutrition tailored to your individual needs

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