Leeds Rhinos legend Ryan Bailey on the one rule he would bring back into Super League

SUPER LEAGUE rules have undergone a number of changes in recent seasons.

From the introduction of the six again, to the creation of the 20/40 kick, there has been a greater focus on trying to speed up the sport as well as enhancing the entertainment.

In a League Express article posted yesterday, titled ‘Every rule change in Super League since the creation of the summer game in 1996,’ we detailed every rule change made by the the governing body in 27 years, before asking our Twitter followers if there would be any rules people would bring back or get rid of altogether.

For Leeds Rhinos legend Ryan Bailey, the answer was clear: the shoulder charge.

Of course, Bailey was notorious for the physical way in which he played rugby league, often putting big hits on opposition players with the shoulder charge a big part of the sport a decade ago.

The shoulder charge itself was banned internationally in 2013 as a way of making the game safer, with players having to wrap their arms around an opponent in an attempted tackle.

Before, players could turn to the side, drop their arms and hit the opponent in the chest in an attempt to knock them off their feet or to dislodge the ball – or both.

Hits such as these were often the favourite moments of games for the crowd, but actions such as these are now penalised.

For Bailey, however, he wants to see the shoulder charge return, but that would stray away from the governing body’s attempts to make the game safer.