Leeds Rhinos Rohan Smith on what he will highlight at Super League coaches meeting as he clarifies comments on playacting

LEEDS RHINOS head coach Rohan Smith has outlined what he will highlight at the Super League coaches meeting later this afternoon.

All 12 Super League head coaches will be meeting with the Rugby Football League (RFL) today, just days after the governing body altered its Head Contact Framework following the controversial red card handed to Hull FC’s Fa’amanu Brown last weekend.

The Leeds boss also outlined his desire for the future of rugby league.

“I’d say everyone is looking for clarity and consistency. Personally, I want to see the best players out on the field and available to play for all the teams so the strength inn our competition can be at its best whilst still ensuring that we are moving towards reducing head contact and that player safety is imperative,” Smith said.

“I think the game has never been safer and it continues to get safer. Most of the tackles that have produced charges have been very much accidents. There is football mitigation amongst them.

“I’m not too sure what the content will be but I would like to share some insights and help things be clearer.

“I’m not too sure if anything will change but it’s great that Robert Hicks and his team at the RFL are being transparent and looking for feedback and observations so we can make the games safe and it still be the best spectacle it can be.”

Smith has been vocal in the past about playacting creeping into the game – and how he has clarified comments made in the wake of Leeds’ loss to Hull KR last weekend.

“I want to clarify this. The statements about staying down weren’t in reference to those two incidents in the game.

“Players aren’t getting up in general. They are staying down until the outcome of the tackle has been resolved.

“Our game has been built upon if you can get up, you do get up. Players are also running in to the contest appealing for penalties which is similar to any football game you watch.

“If asked for an opinion I will pass that along.”

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