Leigh add former player to coaching staff

Leigh Centurions have added former player Kurt Haggerty to their playing staff.

Haggerty, who was at Toronto Wolfpack throughout their existence, returns to the club after retiring as a player in 2016.

“Kurt knows the club inside out and has been on a pathway in his coaching career through the amateur and professional ranks,” head coach John Duffy said.

“He is very intelligent, diligent and cares for the club and the people involved in it.

“He is a great addition for us as we look forward to the season ahead. Kurt took the decision to retire early as a player to become a coach and he has already had a great grounding with his long association at Toronto and his time in the community game.

“Kurt was a clever footballer, a brilliant player in my opinion, who was ahead of the coaching at the time with the way he played the game. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Haggerty added: “Leigh is a club that I always seem drawn to. I played here as a 19-year-old kid and came back in 2014-15 and enjoyed some good times here.

“There’s a special feel to Leigh and I’m really looking forward to the challenges ahead as we look to cement our place in Super League.

“Duffs has a great personality and is a very motivational coach with great technical skills. I didn’t know him that well before I came for my interview, but we are very similar in our outlook on the game and we hit it off straight away.

“The club did brilliantly to win the Super League bid and by all accounts the document that Derek Beaumont and his fellow directors put together was fantastic. You look at the quality of the recruitment on and off the field and you know how determined Derek is to ensure the club becomes established in Super League.

“We are under no illusions about how hard it will be and know we will have bad weeks as well as good, but we know we have a great opportunity and everyone here is on the same page, wanting the club to do well.”