Leigh Leopards boss Adrian Lam admits to missing out on signing livewire for Super League club

LEIGH LEOPARDS head coach Adrian Lam has admitted to missing out on Brisbane Broncos livewire Tristan Sailor.

Leigh had long been linked with a move for Sailor before the start of the 2024 Super League season and during the early rounds of the year.

However, no deal was ever forthcoming and Lam admitted that he is always on the look out for new blood – and Sailor had been very much part on the Leigh head coach’s radar.

“Most clubs by the end of this time will have the players they want contracted. It’s an ongoing process every week and every month of every year,” Lam said.

“It’s the key to success for clubs. We have had ten changes this year with one or two more coming in in the near future during this season.

“But, we have been speaking to players off contract every day, every week and to make sure we get that sorted. We are excited abouw what is ahead. We are always open to talk to people if they want to come.

“We have always been linked with players. Tristan Sailor at the Brisbane Broncos, we were very interested in but he will play the next week and for the next six weeks.

“Fans will get to see us what we saw and he will do well there. It’s players like that that we are open to signing.”

The Leopards have also been linked with Newcastle Knights flyer David Armstrong, though a deal such as that has not been forthcoming either.

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