Leigh Leopards target “three or four players” as Super League club’s recruitment incomplete

LEIGH LEOPARDS are targeting “three or four” players as the Super League club’s recruitment continues ahead of the 2024 season.

The Leopards have already brought in the likes of Matt Moylan, Dan Norman and Owen Trout, but continue to be linked to a plethora of new players.

One of those is Newcastle Knights starlet David Armstrong, with Leigh head coach Adrian Lam confirming his interest in the Newcastle man as well as a number of others currently plying their trade in the NRL.

“I’m interested in three or four players in Australia. David is one of them I have watched the last three years and I am a fan of his,” Lam told League Express.

“Nothing has progressed with that as yet but I think the rumour may have got out through a management group over there and that can happen too. Players like that we are always interested in and want to talk to.”

If Armstrong does join the Leopards, it would mean that the Lancashire club would have to wave goodbye to one of their overseas stars given they are currently at full quota.

“We are always open to a mid-season buy so it’s something we have talked about. We have got some funds that are available to do that. We have to get our head around a few things at the moment,” Lam continued.

“So we will go through the process and start the season with where we are at. We are really happy with what we’ve got but it adds a little bit during the season when a player comes in and lifts the team.

“Again, part of retention and recruitment is we are always one step ahead of that. If we decide to go down that route then we will take into consideration what we need to do but at this moment we are not.

“It’s just about staying ahead of the race and the process I guess. It’s a really important part of success being able to rotate the team and bring the players in that suit your style of play.

“There are always players that come up during the season and there have been two or three names that have come up already such as Peter Hola. Names are always going to come up.”

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