Leigh Leopards use professional South African guide to rubbish claims of jaguar on new kit

LEIGH Leopards have used a professional South African guide to rubbish claims that it is a jaguar on the front of their new kit rather than a leopard.

IT’S fair to say that the Leigh Leopards have been making waves in rugby league in recent weeks.

Following the rebrand from Centurions to Leopards, the club has attracted a great deal of attention – especially when it comes to the release of their new kit.

With some tinkering, the Leopards announced a new kit on Monday with a picture of a leopard on the front of the shirt.

Unfortunately, a number of people have reacted with claims that the animal is instead a jaguar, but that isn’t the case according to a professional guide from South Africa.

The Leigh club tweeted: “We have some comments about our jersey and the legitimacy of the animal used…

“Here we have Evan, a professional guide in the South African wilderness, to tell you exactly why our shirt is a leopard and 𝙣𝙀𝙩 a jaguar.”

The guide himself said: “Good afternoon guys, it’s a lovely afternoon in South Africa and I am going to tell you why that picture is a leopard.

β€œI am a professional guide in the South African wilderness guide and, if I look at that picture, that is a species of leopard found in South Africa which is big and powerful and an animal that you don’t mess with.

β€œIf you look at the head construction, a stealthy head and if they have really close pattern that is a rosette which is leopard, there’s not much to it, it’s a leopard.”

Let’s hope that debate is now put to bed and the Leigh club can concentrate on its continued expansion of its off-field sponsorship deals!