Lenagan would prefer Leeds in Grand Final with Wigan

Wigan Warriors chairman Ian Lenagan has revealed he would prefer Leeds to be Wigan’s opponents in the Grand Final next Saturday – although he has a feeling St Helens may prevail.

Lenagan is keen to avoid the focus being on last year’s Grand Final if St Helens get through, after Ben Flower was sent off in the opening minutes of the match.

He also would be keen to see what he describes as the “ultimate” final between the top two in Super League, and a first Grand Final between them since the inaugural one in 1998.

“I would like it to be Leeds, but I have a sneaking feeling that St Helens will beat them,” he told the BBC.

“That’s then the ultimate between the two top teams and we haven’t played Leeds in a Grand Final since 1998 when Jason Robinson scored that try.

“I don’t want any parallels made with last year with Ben Flower and all that sort of stuff so in that respect I’d prefer it to be Leeds, but I still have a sneaking feeling St Helens might get there.”