Logan praises Hull for their support as he finally ends two-year injury nightmare

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Hull youngster Jack Logan has lifted the lid on his two-year injury nightmare for the first time – telling League Express he isn’t sure he would have been able to return to playing had it not been for the support of family and FC support staff.

Logan made his first appearance for the Black and Whites in two years last Thursday, playing on the wing in their 20-16 defeat at Leeds.

And he has revealed how serious personal problems, coupled with over half a dozen injury setbacks, left him in doubt about whether he could continue.

He told League Express: “It’s been genuinely horrific. The injuries, they just kept racking up and it felt never-ending.

“I think I’ve had four hamstring tears, a quadricep tear, an ACL injury and then complications surrounding that. It all started with a poke to the eye – that’s how I lost my place in the team! – and then injuries kept hitting.”

He continued: “I’ve had a lot of personal problems in my family throughout that time too, and I can’t pay enough credit to the staff at the club. People like Paul Hatton, Andy Last, Radders (Lee Radford) himself.. they’ve just been brilliant throughout it all.

“My girlfriend has been incredibly supportive too, and if it wasn’t for all those people, I think there’d have been a fair chance I wouldn’t be back playing the sport now – that’s how bad things have been.

“It’s been so tough; I haven’t worked my way through it, they’ve carried me through it. It doesn’t take much to put your arm around someone and ask if you want a coffee or how you’re doing.

“Daft little things like a text really helps you, and having Feka Paleaaesina as our welfare manager has been essential to. As I say, I can’t thank them enough, and I do wonder where I might have been now without their support. They’ve been fantastic.”

Logan’s challenge, having returned to action with Hull, is now to secure a regular place in the first-team.

He was given the number four shirt two years ago before his injury problems struck, a sign of how highly he was rated by Radford and his coaching staff. And Logan sees no reason why he cannot force his way back to a starting position on a regular basis.

He said: “I got the number four shirt when I was only 20 years old, and maybe there was a little bit of complacency on my behalf.

“It’s been a long, long time since I played for Hull. Two years for a 22-year-old to be sat out and wondering when you’re going to play again is incredibly tough.

“But I’ve worked hard enough to get that shirt before, and I’ll certainly work hard again to make sure I’m back in that position. I’m young enough, and I’m hungry enough. I just want to enjoy myself now, because the last two years have been horrendous and it’s time to have some fun.”