Stats zone: Magic Weekend 2014 by numbers

We have teamed up with Opta Sports to bring you a collection of the most interesting and important statistics from the Magic Weekend that was. Everything from the number of quick play-the-balls to who missed the most tackles can be found here…

Eloi Pelissier topped the tackle charts
Eloi Pelissier topped the tackle charts

London Broncos 22-24 Catalan Dragons
Most tackles: Eloi Pelissier (Dragons), 45
Fewest tackles: Michael Oldfield (Dragons), 1
Most tackle misses: Elliot Whitehead (Dragons), 5
Most carries: Ben Farrar (Broncos), 19
Most metres: Lopini Paea (Dragons), 130
Most breaks: Scott Moore (Broncos), 2
Set completion (%): 58-61
Metres: 1,271-1,292
Tackles: 287-314
Tackles made (%): 92-92
Quick play-the-ball: 10-8
Carries: 192-183

Phil Joseph made the most carries
Phil Joseph made the most carries

Widnes Vikings 24-30 Salford Red Devils
Most tackles: Logan Tomkins (Salford), 35
Fewest tackles: Jack Owens (Widnes), 1
Most tackle misses: Rhys Hanbury and Phil Joseph (Widnes), 4
Most carries: Phil Joseph (Widnes), 19
Most metres: Rhys Hanbury (Widnes), 159
Most breaks: Rhys Hanbury, Paddy Flynn (Widnes) and Junior Sau (Salford), 2
Set completion (%): 83-61
Metres: 1,152-1,208
Tackles: 228-318
Tackles made (%): 89-95
Quick play-the-ball: 11-11
Carries: 180-152

Josh Hodgson made the most metres
Josh Hodgson made the most metres

Hull Kingston Rovers 38-24 Hull FC
Most tackles: Danny Houghton (Hull FC), 54
Fewest tackles: Liam Colbon and Jason Crookes (Hull FC), 2
Most tackle misses: Jason Crookes (Hull FC), 6
Most carries: Josh Hodgson (Hull KR), 19
Most metres: Josh Hodgson (Hull KR), 169
Fewest metres: Jacob Miller (Hull FC), 29
Most breaks: Ade Gardner (Hull KR), 3
Most penalties conceded: Fetuli Talanoa (Hull FC), 3
Set completion (%): 82-78
Metres: 1,336 – 1,198
Tackles: 269-321
Tackles made (%): 89-90
Quick play-the-ball: 37-29
Carries: 191-157

Joe Burgess made the most tackle breaks
Joe Burgess made the most tackle breaks

Wigan Warriors 18-14 Leeds Rhinos
Most tackles: Michael McIlorum (Wigan), 40
Fewest tackles: Ben Jones-Bishop and Ryan Hall (Leeds), 2
Most tackle misses: Joel Moon (Leeds) and Matty Smith (Wigan), 5
Most carries: Jamie Peacock (Leeds), 26
Most metres: Ryan Hall (Leeds), 202
Most breaks: Joe Burgess (Wigan), Danny McGuire and Ryan Hall (Leeds), 2
Most penalties conceded: Michael McIlorum and Dominic Crosby (WIgan), 2
Set completion (%): 76-80
Metres: 1,150-1,338
Tackles: 355-319
Tackles made (%): 93-91
Quick play-the-ball: 33-29
Carries: 160-221

Justin Carney made only one tackle
Justin Carney made only one tackle

Wakefield Wildcats 12-50 Castleford Tigers
Most tackles: Scott Anderson and Danny Kirmond (Wildcats), 32
Fewest tackles: Justin Carney (Tigers), 1
Most tackle misses: Harry Siejka, Danny Kirmond, and Nick Scruton (Wildcats), 4
Most carries: Andy Lynch, Craig Huby, Weller Hauraki (Tigers), 19
Most metres: Daryl Clark (Tigers), 219
Most breaks: Daryl Clark (Tigers), 4
Most penalties conceded: Danny Kirmond (Wildcats), 2
Most errors: Marc Sneyd (Tigers), 5
Set completion (%): 69-70
Metres: 1,132-1,662
Tackles: 289-283
Tackles made (%): 89-97
Quick play-the-ball: 8-13
Carries: 164-198

Danny Addy missed six tackles
Danny Addy missed six tackles

Huddersfield Giants 54-16 Bradford Bulls
Most tackles: Adam Sidlow (Bulls), 37
Fewest tackles: Scott Grix (Giants), 2
Most tackle misses: Danny Addy (Bulls), 6
Most carries: Danny Brough, Jason Chan, Scott Grix (Giants), 20
Most metres: Scott Grix (Giants), 165
Most breaks: Craig Kopzcak (Giants) and Jamie Foster (Bulls), 2
Set completion (%): 71-86
Metres: 1,845-902
Tackles: 238-312
Tackles made (%): 95-88
Quick play-the-ball: 18-17
Carries: 217-145

James Roby brought up a half century of tackles
James Roby brought up a half century of tackles

Warrington Wolves 41-24 St Helens
Most tackles: James Roby (Saints), 50
Fewest tackles: Tom Makinson (Saints) and Rhys Evans (Wolves), 4
Most tackle misses: Joel Monaghan (Wolves) and Jon Wilkin (Saints), 6
Most carries: James Roby (Saints) and Chris Hill (Wolves), 17
Most metres: Joel Monaghan (Wolves), 172
Most breaks: Matthew Dawson (Saints) and Rhys Evans (Wolves), 3
Set completion (%): 82-63
Metres: 1,387-1,138
Tackles: 272-311
Tackles made (%): 90-91
Quick play-the-ball: 14-15
Carries: 178-176

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