Manchester United legend Roy Keane hails rugby league 

It’s fair to say that rugby league has some big fans outside of the sport. 

The likes of former Nottingham Forest Stuart Pearce as well as current James Bond star Daniel Craig have lauded rugby league in the past for its pace and toughness. 

But in front of the footballing world that tuned in for Nottingham Forest’s home draw against Aston Villa on Monday night, Manchester United Roy Keane spoke incredibly highly of the 13-man code. 

Both Keane and former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher were asked to name their favourite sports – with football excluded – with the former placing rugby league high up on his list. 

Keane explained: “I like rugby league, I think rugby league is a really tough sport. I think it’s brilliant.” 

As well as rugby league, the former Irish international dotted down American Football as well as the Gaelic sport Hurling, though Carragher omitted rugby league from his own list.  

With the Rugby League World Cup firmly on the horizon, it’s brilliant that the sport is able to gain respect from outside – particularly from a football legend.