Masters to take off in Cumbria?

MASTERS players are being sought in Cumbria.

Matches were staged successfully late last month, with a Barrow/West Cumbria team taking on a President’s X111, and Cumbria playing an England/Great Britain Past Players side.

Barrow Masters hope to entertain Leeds Masters on Sunday 13 March, while a Cumbrian Festival is scheduled for Barrow in April.

Organiser Shaun McPoland said: “Eighteen players from the Barrow area turned out in the games, including former Craven Park favourites such as Pat Trainor, Steve Neale, Jamie Marshall, Paul McMillan and Andy McClure.

“They played alongside seasoned blokes, and three who were new to Masters RL.”

Anyone interested in taking up Masters rugby should contact McPoland on 077 2084 9306 (email: