Matt Frawley unlikely to join Halifax.. but could still leave Huddersfield

Matt Frawley will not be a Halifax player in 2020.

Reports emerged last week suggesting the Huddersfield scrum-half was heading to Fax for next season, with the club keen to offload him in an attempt to make quota space for the arrival of Aidan Sezer.

But Fax coach Simon Grix told League Express: “I met Matt and had a conversation with him.. but that’s as far as it went.”

The Giants do still want to move someone on to ensure they can bring Sezer to West Yorkshire, and it may well be Frawley who leaves the club as a result of their quota issues. But he will not be a Fax player. Meanwhile, Grix’s search for a half-back to join the likes of Tom Gilmore and Scott Murrell goes on – but he has warned supporters the club will not overspend in their bid to boost their depth in the pivots.

“We’re not going to spend the club’s money willy-nilly,” he said. “It has to be the right fit for us, our squad and our environment that we’ve got. I don’t want to rush into it, but everyone knows there’s not a lot of halves out there.

“The ones we’ve spoken to, I’m not too worried about why we’ve missed out on them. Other clubs can afford to pay them more and Super League is a big lure for people – that’s why we’ve lost out. I can live with that. It would be irresponsible of me to force the club into spending money we’ve not got.”

Grix also insisted Fax were prepared to be patient in the hope something happens closer to the start of the season.

“A few lads in Super League might see they’re not where they were hoping to be as pre-season goes on,” he said. “It’s just frustrating in the sense of the pivots are decisive in how you play the game, and you’d like them in early on to allow them to bed in. If someone was to come in late, in January perhaps, it won’t be ideal but we’ll bide our time.”