McDermott wants more from Leeds in attack

Leeds head coach Brian McDermott believes his side will have to do more with the ball when the season starts after seeing them fall to defeat against Castleford.

The Rhinos lost 16-4 to Castleford on Sunday, with Leeds struggling to adapt to the boggy conditions at The Mend-A-Hose Jungle.

McDermott admitted that the weather proved to be a part of their downfall, but still hopes to see more from his side regardless.

“If it was to fall on the side of a positive or a negative day, we’re slightly in the middle, leaning towards negative.

“We didn’t do enough with the ball. It was decent in terms of having to make some tackles and things like that, because we’re always cautious in training.

“There’s always benefits to playing, but it was just a tough day all-round; the weather killed it.”

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