Powell pleased with Cas’ winning mentality following Leeds triumph

Daryl Powell was pleased with his side’s ability to get the job done as they defeated Leeds 16-4.

In horrendous, mud-kissed conditions, the Tigers managed to overcome the Super League champions in what proved to be a tough game for both sides to find their groove.

The Tigers came unstuck in poor conditions at last year’s Grand Final, and while their pre-season triumph will have no bearing on the season, Powell was still pleased to see his side find a way to win.

“It was a tough game,” Powell said.

“We started really well and got a lot of repeat sets – the most we’ve ever got from our kicking game I think.

“We defended really well, so there are some positives, but it’s really difficult to gauge where you’re at. We won the game, so you get a winning mentality there, which is something.”

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