McGillvary shocked after first Nines experience

Jermaine McGillvary has admitted to being taken back by the speed of Nines Rugby after his first-ever game.

The winger scored as England defeated Wales 25-4 in their first game of the tournament, but conceded to being caught out by the tempo.

“It was very enjoyable but very tough and very fatiguing,” he said.

“It was a shock to the system, but I enjoyed being out there, it’s a different concept to what I’m used to, it takes you out of your comfort zone.

“We had a game plan of doing short kick-offs and that helped, we earned possession which helped us rack up some points. Probably come second-half the game was dead but the boys had fun, we were offloading and playing a lot of rugby, it puts us in good stead for tomorrow.”

England could now play as many as four games on Saturday, with two remaining pool games followed by the potential semi-final and final matches.

“It was good to get a game under our belts but it will be an even tougher game tomorrow,” he said.

“We’ve more games tomorrow so it’s going to be a different challenge but we’ll enjoy it and see where it takes us.”