Morrison thrilled with Kiwi recognition but focused on Rams

Dewsbury Rams boss Glenn Morrison said he is still committed to his side despite being one of four coaches earmarked for the New Zealand national job.

Speaking at the launch of the 2014 Kingstone Press Championships, the Australian, 37, said he did not personally apply for the position but, having made it so far, would be stupid to pull out.

“My CV got put through and I got a call last week,” he said.

“I had to check my phone a couple of times, I thought someone was playing games, it was out of the blue, but it is good recognition to be down to that four and any coach would be silly to not go through the interview process after being asked to do so.

“I’m not looking too much into it, obviously it would be a great job to take, but I’m really focused on getting Dewsbury to where we need to be. I’ve had to do a presentation, which I’m going to finish tonight, and get that through to them and we’ll see from there. I’m not holding my breath but it’s good to be noticed and get down to that final four.”

The former Bradford star feels current coach Stephen Kearney, who reapplied for the role after his contract expired, is favourite to be reinstated.

“I think he has done a good job there, he’s got the respect of the players, he’s done well. Obviously they didn’t win the World Cup but they made it to the final, I think he’d be the front-runner to get the job again, but they might be looking to the future, there’s a couple of young coaches they’ve got in that final four, maybe they’re looking further down the line.

“Like I said, though, I’ll go through the process and put my best foot forward but my focus is on Dewsbury right now.”

Does he think the fact he’s Australian will count against him?

“It hasn’t really been brought up too much, but working with the Exiles, I get on with them all pretty well, I know what the Kiwis need and how tradition is a big part for them but it’s not going to be a big drama.

“I think as a player you always want to try test yourself and be the best you can and as a coach you’re the same, I think any coach wants to improve and keep taking steps forward, but I’m focused on this [Dewsbury] and if opportunities come where I can take steps forward and improve myself then that’s what I’ll do, no-one wants to sit on one level, they want to improve, and I’m no different. But I’m happy at Dewsbury, it’s a really good club going in the right direction. That’s where my focus is.”