Naylor reveals “month from hell” as Oldham enter Championship bottom two

Scott Naylor cut an exasperated figure after he claimed he had suffered “one of the worst weeks” of his career after Oldham dropped into the Championship relegation zone.

The Roughyeds suffered a third defeat in seven days as Bradford ended their nine-match losing streak with a 47-12 victory to move them to zero points.

It was a fifth consecutive defeat for Naylor’s side in June, with their miserable month made worse as Swinton and Dewsbury defeated Halifax and Toulouse respectively to climb above them in the league table.

“It’s probably been one of the worst weeks I’ve had in all my many years in rugby as player and coach,” he said.

“If something could have gone wrong this week it has done.

“We’ve had more injuries than in the last four years put together.

“To make matters worse all the clubs around us are having a good month and we are having the month from hell.

“The worst thing we can do now is sulk, hide or make excuses. We have to fight for all we’re worth to get out of this situation and we must all be accountable.

“We are in the bottom two — and fighting. Hopefully, we’ve hit the bottom of our dip and we can now start climbing out of it.

“The reasons we are in this position lie with me and the players, and nobody else.”

A full report is in the new League Express.