New Castleford Tigers co-owner reveals where his seven-figure sum will be invested

SUDDENLY, things appear to be a lot rosier at Castleford Tigers than a few months ago.

Dwindling near the bottom of the Super League table with relegation a real threat, the Tigers just about scraped home to survive in the 2023 season.

Months on, there is a new coaching staff in place with a whole host of new players and now a new co-owner of the West Yorkshire club.

Martin Jepson, who has made his fortune in real estate, has invested a seven-figure sum into the club whilst also taking a third of the shares from the Fulton family.

Now, he has revealed where that money will be invested.

“The next 12 months’ focus has got to be on facilities and the ground and everything else around those ranking points in the licensing,” Jepson told BBC Radio Leeds.

“Yes, we want to have a good team but I’m not here to be spending big money on marquee players for the hell of it. The next 12 months is to deal with those ranking points.

“If I can put investment in the club that means they can take bolder decisions then fantastic. I also want them to be successful on the pitch but that’s for the other guys to deal with, although I think there will be an exciting team out there next year. They’ve got some young players with points to prove that people don’t know much about.

“It’s a team to build on for the next few years. My involvement has to work on the infrastructure of the club and make sure that it is in a good place to take the club forward.

“The big issue is the stadium redevelopment. That’s not in the club’s gift because planning consent has not yet been granted, but hopefully it will be and that’s looking more positive than it has done.

“There are a lot of building blocks starting to fall in place, there is a clear focus on the next 12 months. We all know the ground needs work and it should be improved.”

In terms of the long-term goal, Jepson is clear.

“I’m hoping my investment brings stability to the club and brings a long-term future, the long-term future is having Castleford in Super League.”

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