Nigel Wood on.. TotalRL sits in on RFL media briefing

Wood on the salary cap being raised.

“It will all be one salary cap system for all the leagues.

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial owner who wants to invest, there will be no restriction on that. Anywhere where there’s an owner who wants to ‘have a go’, they can, although the affordability measures stay in place.

“There’s a finite cap of 1.85 or 50% – whichever is lower. The clubs are discussing that and they will be looking forward at what the strategic tactics are to improve the supply of players and the quality of players. The reality is that the salary cap is by the clubs for the clubs.”

Wood on Toronto’s eligibility measures

“The only peculiarity regarding Toronto is that they have been given homegrown dispensation for players from North America, Canada and Jamaica: that part of the world. There are no precise measures to allow more Australians into Toronto. There’s no discrete plan in that regard.”

Wood on the hunt for Blake Solly’s replacement as SL GM

“There’s been a very good response, and there’s north of 20 credible applications. We’d hope to get it done as quickly as possible but it depends on the candidate and what sort of notice period they’re locked into with their current job, as we expect them to be in a high-profile role.”

Wood on the World Club Series

“As the bare minimum we want to have the series as a two-game event next year,” he said. “But we’ve got to understand what the NRL clubs want and we have to work with them. We’ve got clubs over here with varying views and the NRL clubs are the same too, it’s about finding the ideal balance.”

“The expectation is that it will be over here again, but there’s a number of discussions taking place surrounding matches maybe going to Australia as well. I know it’s not satisfactory to have anything concrete but that’s where we’re at.

“I know of at least two clubs that would welcome the opportunity to play over there and if it expanded to four games, there would be games on both sides of the world.”

Wood on the league structure

“We said at the outset it was a minimum of three years and nothing will change – the sport has signed significant contracts on the basis nothing will change. You would never say never but there are no plans to change it. That’s not on the agenda. I think it’s started really strongly; the litmus test is ‘will anyone get promoted’, but I think the chase right now in Championship to get in that four will be compelling.

“There’s no league competition anywhere on the globe which guarantees you won’t have matches of less significance. We’ve got more full-time clubs that ever before, and I’m happy with it.”