North Wales call on RFL to review controversial Hunslet drop goal

League 1 side North Wales have called on the Rugby Football League to review the controversial Hunslet drop goal which decided Sunday’s game between the two sides.

Cain Southernwood’s late one-pointer, as seen in the video below, clearly fell beneath the posts and did not go through.

However, it was awarded, and meant Hunslet won 19-18 in a result which could have huge ramifications on the seasons of both sides moving forward.

And North Wales CEO Andy Moulsdale has asked for the RFL to look back at it and review it.

“We feel as a club that we owe it to the game as a whole, our fans and especially our players to call on the RFL to review the incident,” he said.

“The result has not only had an effect on ourselves but also on the race for the play-off places.

“I’ve been involved with rugby league a long time and I understand that referees have a very difficult job, certain decisions are open to interpretation and opinions and are they are never going to get everything right.

“However, what was witnessed on Sunday is not open to interpretation. People will argue that games are won on lost on calls every week which they are and always will be. But the magnitude of this incident is completely different in my opinion.

“This is in no way anything against Hunslet and their fans who where as bemused as us about the situation, but we have to protect our club and the game.”

The RFL have been approached for comment by TotalRL.