NRL to investigate racial abuse of Latrell Mitchell

The NRL Integrity Unit will launch an investigation after Sydney Roosters star Latrell Mitchell was subjected to racial abuse on social media.

Mitchell was one of several players targeted on social media.

“Racism must be called out in all its forms because the standard you walk past is the standard you accept,” Todd Greenberg, the NRL’s CEO said.

“I commend Latrell for doing just that. These comments are disgusting and have no place in our game.

“There is no place for any sort of abuse on social media towards our players or their families.”

Mitchell posted a screenshot of a vile post on his Instagram after the Roosters’ win over Canberra with the caption “it’s just a game of footy. There is not (sic) need for comments like this.

Numerous players and NRL identities shared Mitchell’s post, including Wade Graham and Joel Thompson, who called for a wider community response to stamp out racial abuse.

“It burns, it really hurts to see comments like that,” Thompson told

“It’s just not good enough. I retweeted it and I was just hurt by what was said to Latrell. It needs to stop.

“It brings up deep hurt that the racism has happened to his parents, to his grandparents, to our people over time.

“It brings up different emotions and you would think in 2019 it would stop but unfortunately it hasn’t.

“I hope the bloke that put that message out there needs to be held accountable. I hope that his boss or his family hold him accountable.

“He needs to be rubbed out of the game if he’s involved at any club.”