Pelissier commits to Broncos

London Broncos have signed Eloi Pelissier for the 2019 season.

Pelissier joined the Broncos at the back end of 2018 and was part of the squad that won the Million Pound Game in Toronto to earn a Super League spot for 2019.

Pelissier said, “I’m very happy and proud to be at London Broncos for the Super League in 2019.

“We created one big page of the London Broncos history in 2018 , and I can’t wait to fight every weekend in Super League to create a new page.”

“London it’s a family team where I feel good. My team mates , the staff , and the fans made me feel welcome straight away when I arrived and I would like to thank everyone for that.”

“London Broncos deserve to be in Super League and I will give everything for that.”