Penrith Panthers star reveals Super League move ‘isn’t dead’

PENRITH PANTHERS star Taylan May has revealed that a move to Super League ‘isn’t dead’ despite signing a new deal with the Mountain Men.

Taylan, alongside brothers Tyrone (Hull KR) and Terrell (Sydney Roosters), have all harboured the dream to eventually play together at one club – with Super League often touted as the destination.

Although Taylan revealed that he had a few offers to leave Penrith, the

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was hard, I had a few options and I wanted to play with my brothers and all that, but here’s home for me,” May told Fox Sports.

“My family is here, it’s easier for my partner and my kids, and I love it here. I think I’ll grow here the most. It was heaps close (that I would leave) but it was a bit too stressful and I wanted something done.

“I had something firm here and other offers on the table from other clubs, but it was stressful and I wanted to be here.”

May went on to reveal that the only club he would have joined would have been the Sydney Roosters to play alongside brother Terrell.

“The only other club I wanted to go to was the Roosters, but it didn’t happen and that’s all right. There were talks, but there was nothing on the table,” he revealed.

“I don’t think they can afford him. One hundred per cent he would come back here (if the salary cap went up) but I think what he’s on now and what he’s getting offered, I don’t think we could afford him.”

With his other brother Tyrone currently enjoying his time at Hull KR, Taylan admitted that a move to Super League could come about for all three brothers later in their careers.

“Maybe eventually down the line we could play together in Super League, but that’s later, later on.

“We all agreed that everyone does their own thing for now, and then hopefully down the line we can link up. The dream’s not dead.”