Players told not to celebrate

Players have been warned they will be fined if they celebrate scoring tries.

League Express can reveal the RFL has told players not to engage in try-scoring antics or they will be hit with a £250 fine.

Any players seen hugging or jumping on a try-scorer will be warned for their first offence before being fined for an indiscretion in future games.

Initially, players had been told to not have any celebrations but the rules now permit that players can fist bump or pat a scorer on the back.

Celebrations were notably subtler across most teams in the latest round of fixtures, though there were some instances where players broke the new rules.

It comes after the RFL began to clamp down on players’ behaviours off the field, which saw some players receive retrospective bans last month.

Jackson Hastings, James Gavet and Riley Dean were all banned for behaviour that included the use of public gyms, public pools and a failure to wear a facemask.

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