Pre-season is my favourite time of year, admits Radford

Hull FC coach Lee Radford has admitted that he loves pre-season more than any other time of the year – simply because there’s no pressure on him!

Radford’s squad are back in training ahead of the 2017 season, following a historic 2016 campaign in which they lifted the Challenge Cup at Wembley for the first time in their history.

And the FC coach told the club’s official website that given how he can work closely with his players on their skillsets, he loves the time he gets to work without pressure in pre-season.

“I had a great off-season. It was nice to get away and switch off for a bit, but now we’re back into it with pre-season,” said Radford.

“Pre-season is the best time of the year to coach because there’s no pressure – you’re actually coaching the players and you’ve got more time to work on things.

“We strip everything back and it’s like an A to Z of rugby league. We get through the basic skills and then work our way through.”

Radford also admitted the opportunity to bond his squad together was another aspect of pre-season which he particularly liked.

“I always enjoyed the pre-season camp,” said Radford. “It was a good chance to get away and bond with everyone and they were really beneficial.

“I didn’t like hill running, though you’ll struggle to find any rugby league player who does enjoy it!”

“But pre-season is physically challenging,” he added.

“It brings us all closer and a chance to get to know everyone. When you’re doing things like hill running, you’re pushing yourself and your fellow team-mates to be the best they can.”