Red Devils to discover their fate today

Salford will today have their case heard surrounding the club’s alleged breach of the salary cap.

The case, which is being held by an independent off-field operational rules tribunal of the Rugby Football League, will go in front of a judge at some point today. If found guilty, the club could face a points deduction.

The RFL charged Salford last month for exceeding the Super League salary cap in both 2014 and 2015, although that is something owner Marwan Koukash strongly denies.

“We’re going to fight this and win it together – I don’t want anyone to doubt that,” he said.

“I have nothing to worry about. If necessary I will go to the highest court in the land. I have the means to do so in order to protect the interests of my club, its fans and our players.”

The case is thought to largely surround the signing of Tony Puletua from St Helens in 2014, with Bradford Bulls chairman Marc Green raising questions of that particular signing. However, Koukash insists the club went about the procedures correctly and is also adamant the club did nothing wrong in gifting Niall Evalds with a Maserati car after he won the 2015 Player of the Year award at the club.

Salford would not be the first club to be docked points, with Wigan and Bradford just two clubs to have been charged in the past.