RFL aim to resolve Odsal pitch problem

The RFL expect the Odsal pitch to be back to the minimum width of 55 metres by the time Bradford host Widnes in a Championship clash on June 27.

In order to facilitate the Bulls’ return to their historic home after a spell groundsharing at Dewsbury, the governing body gave special dispensation for the games against York and Newcastle to be played on a 51-metre wide surface as work continues to enable Rugby League to take place alongside stock car racing.

And despite York’s claims that the pitch fell short of that measurement, the RFL say it was double-checked to their satisfaction.

Bradford halfback Jordan Lilley, whose side won 37-18, called York “embarrassing” after they expressed concern at the width of the pitch, which having taken their own measurement, they claimed was 50.8 metres.

York coach James Ford said: “It stopped us playing from where we would normally like to play with the ball.

“Having said that, I thought Bradford executed their attacking play better than us.

“There were a couple of occasions where they opened us up on the edges on a really tiny field, so that was disappointing.”

Lilley said: “There was a lot of moaning and groaning, especially from the York side of things.

“Watching them before the game measuring it out as if there was something they could do about it was quite embarrassing.

“Both teams had to play on that field, so it’s no advantage to us. It didn’t benefit either team, having the smaller pitch.”

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