RFL hits back in Bradford Bulls row

RFL statement – Bradford Bulls

RFL Chief Operating Officer Ralph Rimmer has issued the following statement in response to criticism of the governing body’s action during the most recent insolvency event at Bradford Bulls:

“It is disappointing and disingenuous for Bradford Bulls to suggest that the RFL has acted in any manner other than fairly and properly throughout a crisis which is entirely of the club’s own making.

“The root cause of the current situation is the failed attempt by Mark Moore and Ryan Whitcut to use the club’s own money to purchase Bradford Bulls from Omar Khan, who had left the club in a parlous state.

“Had Mr Moore not refused to honour the agreement he signed to buy the club from Mr Khan, Bradford Bulls would not be where they are today.

“Throughout our dealings with them, the club’s directors were unable to provide any evidence of new capital investment into Bradford Bulls and consequently, the RFL Executive had no confidence in the business plan that was presented.

“At no stage was there a firm written commitment from the directors to meet the liabilities: in particular, HMRC would have been left with an unpaid liability of almost £170,000.

“In the last six months two other clubs have had to restructure their businesses, introduce new investment from owners and release players to avoid administration. For Bradford to effectively drop off debt as a result of the administration without a points deduction would have significantly impaired the integrity of the competition.

“At a meeting with the club’s directors on February 7 they informed the RFL that they needed a further £500,000 of investment or advances of broadcast monies in order to continue to trade.

“We have seen nothing further from the directors to suggest that situation has improved.  Indeed their business plan revealed yet another attempt to buy the club with its own money.

“We will continue to work with the administrator to find a solvent and viable solution for the club and will provide an update to the other First Utility Super League clubs at their scheduled meeting tomorrow.”