RFL investigates concussion protocols

THE RFL are investigating growing concerns that the sport’s head injury assessment rules are being manipulated by clubs.

Leading figures across the game have expressed concerns that clubs are lying about head injuries in order to receive a ‘free’ interchange.

Players are given a fifteen-minute window to be assessed for a concussion after a head knock, in which time a substitution is allowed to be made. If the player is fit to continue, they are free to return to the field without an interchange being counted. It’s claimed that clubs are purposely claiming a player has suffered a head injury, meaning they can have a 15-minute rest before returning to the field after being cleared by doctors.

One unnamed coach, when approached by League Express, confirmed there are many within coaching circles who believe the rule is being manipulated. One Super League club, in particular, is alleged to be bending the rules on a near-weekly basis.

League Express understands the RFL is currently investigating the claims, with the issue thought to be very high on the agenda at the game’s headquarters.

The issue is tricky for the governing body, who must ensure the welfare of players remains intact while finding a way to banish fake head injury assessment claims.