RFL invite Hearns to Magic Weekend after further meeting on Tuesday

RFL interim CEO Ralph Rimmer has confirmed both Barry and Eddie Hearn have been invited to Newcastle for this year’s Magic Weekend – after holding further talks with the sports promoters on Tuesday.

Rimmer and RFL colleague Mark Foster met Barry in Birmingham, having recently had a high-profile meeting with Eddie in London earlier this year.

And Rimmer told League Express they have extended an offer to the duo to come to Newcastle this weekend if they wish – as well as an offer to attend August’s Challenge Cup final.

“They’re certainly invited this weekend, we’ve made that clear – but they’re very busy people!” he said.

“I’ve invited them along to the Challenge Cup final too, hopefully they’re can be around for that.”

Rimmer was also quick to praise the duo for the way they have conducted themselves throughout the talks about potentially getting involved with promoting rugby league.

He insists that, even if nothing significant materialises, they have been fantastic sounding boards for the governing body to learn from.

“We’re still having plenty of contact,” Rimmer said.

“That’s about not doing things as we’ve always been doing them, if that makes sense – whatever direction that takes us in, great. The conversations we’ve had with them have been fantastic; they’ve been really supportive and if something more serious comes from it, then that’ll be fantastic for everyone involved.

“They’ve been great to deal with. Barry and Eddie both like the sport and admire a lot about it, and for two guys who are supremely busy dealing with so many things, they’re always available to bounce ideas off and have a chat with – wherever in the world they are.”