RFL outlines current position on tackle height following controversial rugby union move

THE RFL has told League Express that it will not rush into making any hasty decisions on tackle techniques, following the announcement by the Rugby Football Union last week that it would ban tackles above the waist in community and junior rugby union.

The RFU made the decision because of growing fears about the safety of the game and the threat of legal action from former players who suffered concussions that have led to the early onset of dementia.

“The RFL continues to work on a number of research projects relating to tackle height, in addition to other strands of research relating to head injuries and impacts,” said an RFL spokesman.

“Our regulations and laws constantly reflect changes in medical and scientific knowledge. We have a good relationship with the RFU and work with them in many forums – but the two sports retain significant differences, so decisions relating to Rugby League must be based on research specific to Rugby League.

“Our scientific and medical teams will continue to provide advice that we will act on to ensure any changes prioritise the safety and welfare of players, particularly when it comes to the issues relating to concussive or sub-concussive impacts. This includes working with other similar sports and also within Rugby League, with the NRL and IRL.”