RFL working with authorities to solve Toronto’s visa crisis

The RFL say they are in talks with the Home Office in an attempt to resolve Toronto Wolfpack’s visa crisis.

Super League’s restart delved into crisis last night after Toronto owner David Argyle revealed their seven overseas players may be deported or turned away from entering the country due to their visa arrangements.

They are all on competition visas that only allow them to be in the UK for six months a year, but COVID-19 has resulted in them closing in on that and could result in them being sent home in two weeks.

“It’s always been a big issue for us and it hasn’t been resolved, and if it isn’t resolved now then I don’t see any way we can participate in the rest of this season,” Argyle told The Mirror.

“This has been going on for three and a half years now and this Covid situation has exacerbated it.

“I’m not blaming anybody – I can understand the bureaucratic position and we are only a very small issue for an organisation like the Home Office.

“But we’ve come to a crunch point now where it needs to be resolved.”

The RFL released a statement this morning saying they were working to resolve the issue.

It reads: “We have been working closely with the relevant authorities to help Toronto Wolfpack with the issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically their inability to play home fixtures in Canada, and the resulting need for their overseas players to stay in England for several more months. We are grateful to the Government for recognising these issues in recent days – but appreciate the situation remains challenging for the club.”

Super League added: “Betfred Super League is obviously concerned by the news it received from Toronto Wolfpack yesterday. The timing is also unhelpful.

“We are looking into the details and have offered the club, and The RFL, our full support to resolve these issues ahead of the season restarting on August 2.”