Rovers fans thankful for cash injection

You could have excused Hull Kingston Rovers fans of being against renaming their ground the ‘KC Lighstream stadium’.

Indeed, the Craven Park moniker has been used since 1922, and it holds a lot of heritage and memories, even if they have only been in their current stadium since 1989.

Not only that, the fact bitter rivals Hull FC play in a stadium sponsored by KC could have ruffled feathers.

The reaction from many Rovers fans to the news, however, has been very impressive.

When we broke the news on our Twitter account and forum, we invited Robins’ fans to give us their opinions. They were overwhelmingly positive – take a look at some of the unedited reactions.

@GazTheRobin: Good news. Cash in the bank for rovers. Craven Park wwas always on Holderness road. But don’t change club name. Ever.

@RobHunterHKR: they could of called it noel Edmonds fun house park for all I care as long as it brings in vital money into the club

@AlexaSaddington: It’s not forever and everyone will still call it craven park. You can’t turn your nose up at a deal like that.

@HKRAWAYDAYS: I’ve never said, ‘I’m going to Craven Park.’ It has always been ‘Rovers’. Really no big deal for me.

@ChiefyRHIAW: another source of valuable income for the club with a reputable name. Hope the partnership lasts for years to come.

@Red_Dan77: Ours is faster than theirs #fibre

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