Rovers still in the market

Tony Smith has not ruled out further recruitment at Hull Kingston Rovers in the off-season, but he is advising the club’s fans not to expect a flurry of movement.

A four-pronged swoop has seen the club confirm the captures of Ryan Hall, Albert Vete, Korbin Sims and Muizz Mustapha in recent weeks, as the Robins aim for a stronger campaign in 2021.

More movement is expected, largely down to the fact the Robins have let eleven players leave.

However, Smith explained that the club would not be operating on a one in, one out basis.

“We’ll be up around the 28 or 29 player mark,” he said.

“So we’re not that much smaller. We’ve got young Will Tate on board now, which is another player in the team. We have gone, this year in particular, for quality over quantity and I think we’ve got that. The investments into each of the NRL recruits has been substantially more individually than what we’ve been able to do in the past. We’ve had to get some numbers in and take some risks on guys, but these guys are more proven and come from great backgrounds.

“We’ve lost some experience in terms of Mose (Masoe) and Weller (Hauraki). We’ve lost some people who brought a lot to us in terms of experience and leadership. Last year was a lot about building their careers with some of those experiences about them. But we can’t not have experience and just have young guys.”

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