Rugby league 27th most popular sport in terms of participation according to data

Rugby league is behind sports such as table tennis, angling and shooting in terms of people aged 16 and over who play the sport on a weekly basis, according to data from Sport England which has appeared in a national newspaper.

The Telegraph have compiled a list of the 33 most popular sports in the country relating to data handed out by Sport England from the end of September 2016 – and rugby league sits a worrying 27th on the list.

The article notes that 44,900 people participate in playing rugby league on a weekly basis, which is down almost 10 per cent – 9.65% – from 12 months prior to that data being collated.

Perhaps even more worryingly, it details a staggering 39.07% drop in participation numbers over the last decade in comparison to those playing the sport in September 2006.

More people take part in sports like sailing and shooting on a weekly basis compared to rugby league, the study has shown.

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