Rugby League to hit Indian cinemas next month

Rugby League is to make its big screen debut in Indian cinema next month, the RFL has revealed.

Our sport is set to feature in a new film ‘Govindudu Andarivadele’ about a boy of Indian heritage who is brought up in England.

He happens to play rugby and is the star of the team so the production came to the South East last week to shoot some scenes. After filming general action at the Kingstone Press Championship 1 game at Oxford between Oxford RL and Hemel Stags, the production moved to Hemel a few days later.

Two teams of mainly actors, took to the field at Pennine Drive to go through some scenes featuring Indian film star Ram Charan, although Hemel skipper BJ Swindells was on hand to add some authenticity to the action.

The film is in the Telugu language and is a part of Indian cinema based in Hyderabad also known as Tollywood, which is the second biggest film industry after Bollywood in India.

Award-winning director Krishna Vamsi, who works exclusively in Telegu cinema, said the film begins with the star, Ram Charan, playing rugby: “Twenty five per cent of the film is being shot here about how he spends his time, how he’s living and studying. He’s a rugby player, the star and captain of one of the teams and his introduction in the film is as a rugby player.

“It’s the first time I’ve shot rugby. I don’t know much about it but have gathered some information for the film. I have done other sports –I don’t think it’s a challenge but it’s kind of fun.”

How much rugby footage will be used depends on the final edit but Krishna said: “Since this is the introduction of the hero – it will be quite long.”

The film is scheduled for world-wide release (including England) on October 1st.