Rugby league players’ strike remains a possibility despite positive meeting with RFL

A rugby league players’ strike remains a possibility despite a positive meeting between players and the Rugby Football League (RFL).

Speculation has continued to mount since the start of the 2024 Super League season about a players’ strike, something which came to a head following Nu Brown’s red card for accidental head contact in Hull FC’s loss to Warrington Wolves a fortnight ago.

And Director of Legal and Operations at the RFL, Robert Hicks, has explained why the governing body are not “complacent” about a potential strike happening after a meeting representatives from all 12 Super League clubs earlier in the week.

“We should be clear we’re not complacent about that not happening,” Hicks said.

“I don’t think it’s a surprise people are talking about it, but I thought the meeting was positive and the players articulated themselves fantastically well.

“The meeting didn’t just cover head-on-head contact, it covered a wide range of things.

“What the governing body, the RLPA [Rugby League Players’ Association], Rugby League Cares and the players all agreed on was that the players are a massive part of the decision-making process going forward and that they have representation.

“I’m not complacent about that, but I thought it was a really positive and constructive meeting.”

Hicks also explained why players do need to have “proper representation” in terms of a potential union.

“That ultimately I think is a decision for the players. The players need to have proper representation and feel that they’re getting that going forward. They also need to be engaged in that process.

“And so I think that’s one for you to ask players about their views of how they go forward. From my perspective in the RF LS view, what I’d say is that we want a properly engaged playing group that feel they are represented in the decisions that ultimately affect the sport because without the players.

“We’re not in a position to to do anything.”

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