Rugby League set to return in Cameroon

The Cameroon Rugby League XIII Association has announced that domestic competition will return next weekend (14 November).

The schedule will include the inaugural women’s competition in the country involving six clubs; a three region men’s competition comprising of seven sides, with the winners of each heading into a play off for the national championship towards the end of December; and the beginning of youth activity in two areas.

Khalil Njoya, head coach of the CRL national side, commented: “After such a long hiatus it’s great to be back playing league again. We have enjoyed following the game in Australia and England in the meantime but the players, coaches and staff have been patiently waiting here and we will run a fast track championship in each region.

“It is great to be back playing and we hope next season will kick off with a bang. The boys, girls as well as the media have been waiting for this and we want to give them something to smile about.”

Ambassa Charles Carel, head coach of Sahel Rugby League XIII de Garoua, whose men and women face Air Garoua RL in their opening games, added: “Covid-19 paralysed the sports movement in the world and in northern Cameroon we have scrupulously respected all the measures taken by the government and the World Health Organization.

“Before the lock down here, the northern clubs had over 400 children from primary and high schools interested in rugby league here in Garoua. We are hoping to finish on top of our Conference and we will be enjoying every minute of the games this season.”