Russell open to playing wherever for Warrington

Warrington Wolves star, Matty Russell has said that he doesn’t mind where he plays, so long as he is in the team.

Earlier this season Russell played on the wing – a position he had played before, during the earlier years of his career, although since joining Warrington he has traditionally played at fullback, and he returned to that position on coming back from injury.

He believes his versatility is beneficial, and doesn’t really mind where coach Tony Smith picks him.

“I do train everywhere,” he said.  “Tony puts me in at fullback and a bit on the wing; it’s good to be versatile and train in different positions.

“Coming back from injury, I didn’t even know if it would be a bench spot, I was just happy to play my first game whether it was fullback or wing.

“We’ll see how we go.  If I end up playing on the wing that’s fine.  I played wing a lot before the time I was at Wigan.  In the Academy, Amos Roberts played fullback in the reserves for a whole year so I was on the wing.  I got a lot of practice there and I enjoyed playing there.  Depending what sort of day we were on, you might score a few more tries there than at fullback.

“It’s nice to play fullback too though, and I like to bring the ball back. Wherever I play I’ll try my best.”