Saints still looking for talent

ST HELENS boss Keiron Cunningham has told League Express that whilst the club do have a quota spot available to fill for 2015, they will not go out and buy someone for the sake of it.

The Saints have only added Travis Burns and Atelea Vea to their squad for the forthcoming season, and whilst Cunningham said he won’t rule out another signing coming in, he did admit they will not fill the last remaining quota position just because it’s empty.

“We’ve got a quota spot still there, and if we can maybe free up a bit more money and something becomes available, you can never say never,” Cunningham said.

“But it’s got to be the right person and the right player for this club, and a guy that fits the bill.

“We’re not just going to sign someone just because they’re out there and we’ve got room, it has to be a move that fits the needs of everyone involved.”

Cunningham has also expressed his delight at his revamped backroom setup for the new season, which has seen the return of Sean Long to the club, as well as a new role for former winger Ade Gardner.

“We’ll run with what we’ve got behind the scenes; obviously Sean has come in and given everyone a real lift.

“I’ve got a really good team that’s full of experience and knowledge, and I think we’re ticking each others boxes as a team. The coaching staff feels really complete as a group.”

Cunningham also revealed that he’s hopeful his entire squad – which suffered horrendous injury problems throughout last season – will be fit for their season opener against Catalans in February, including Luke Walsh, who is recovering from a horrific leg injury suffered against Widnes last season.

“Wilko (Jon Wilkin) is now back in full training, and Walshy is on track to meet his scheduled date. We’re looking to get him out there in the next few weeks, and hopefully we’ll be able to have a clean bill of health when we get to that first game,” he said. “Touch wood, everyone should be fit and raring to go for that opener against Catalans in February.”