Sale director of rugby confirms Solomona’s retirement from rugby league

Denny Solomona has retired from Rugby League, according to Sale Sharks’ director of rugby.

The 23-year-old winger has failed to turn up for training at Castleford during the off-season, and he posted a video on Instagram earlier this month in the presence of several Sale Sharks players.

The rugby union club are thought to have agreed a deal with the Samoan international, however, Steve Diamond claims that they are just one of several clubs trying to sign the player after his retirement from the 13-man code, which League Express confirmed was Solomona’s plan in this Monday’s paper.

“Sale and a number of clubs are interested in signing him,” Diamond said.

“He’s got a friendship with Sam Tuitupou and he’s been you have a look around Carrington and that’s where we’re at with it.”

Sale are reportedly intent on claiming that Solomona has no contract in rugby union, despite his Castleford contract reportedly having two more years to run. Despite that, the rugby union club claims that no transfer fee is payable. But the Tigers are insisting they are owed a fee, and have not formally agreed to sell the winger.

“There are no governing body registrations between the sports,” Diamond said.

“It is just like someone coming from another sport to rugby union, whether it be football or basketball and I don’t understand what the furore is about.”

This week’s League Express reveals the latest development on Castleford’s legal case surrounding Solomona, who are looking to launch legal proceedings on more than one front. To read that piece, buy League Express in stores now or read online at