Salford Red Devils star relieved to avoid ‘travesty’ of losing Paul Rowley

SALFORD fans can now breathe a long sigh of relief with their coach Paul Rowley saying that happiness drove him to stay at the club.

Hull FC had inquired with Salford last week about Rowley’s availability as they embarked on a search for their next head coach.

And after the Red Devils’ victory over Warrington on Saturday, a tight-lipped Rowley admitted that the proposal was handled with the utmost professionalism. 

“It was a respectful, mature decision between two clubs and that’s as far as it went,” he said. 

“They and I came to the conclusion that I’m happy – I value happiness – and we left it at that.

“There is really nothing more to say.

“The bit that includes me is private business like it would be if I asked you all the same sorts of questions, so without being rude that’s the answer that I would give to you.”

Salford fullback Ryan Brierley is delighted that Rowley is staying at the club, heaping praise on the work Rowley has done in turning the club around.

“He and his coaching staff are the best signings this club will ever make,” said Brierley.

“It would have been a travesty for the club to lose him. We didn’t speak much about it, I leave him to make his own decisions, but the boys and I were hoping that he wouldn’t go.

“We understand how lucky we are to have him and hopefully we can keep him for many more years to come.

“Ultimately, he’s going to get attention, isn’t he, for what he has done for this club.

“Any big club would be stupid not to approach him – I mean, why wouldn’t they?”

First published in League Express newspaper, Issue 3,428 (April 29, 2024)

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