Schoey: Too many cooks at Leigh?

I presume Garreth Carvell (pictured) is settling into his new role as head of rugby at Leigh.

But I have to say the appointment has left me scratching my head.

It’s been a busy time for Derek Beaumont, with Leigh recently announcing that Kurt Haggerty has joined John Duffy’s coaching team.

That’s a team which, according to the club website, already included Paul Anderson, Jason Duffy and Micky Higham.

Then there is former head coach Neil Jukes, who now goes under the title ‘operations manager’.

Apparently Garreth has a ‘wide-ranging role’, including ‘supporting Neil Jukes and John Duffy and his coaching staff’.

I appreciate Leigh have moved into Super League, which has pleased me, because I think they bring something to the table, but just how many people do they need behind the scenes?

Last time they were in Super League, with Jukesy in charge and Kieron Purtill, Paul Anderson and Paul Cooke all involved at a coaching level, Derek brought in Keiron Cunningham as head of rugby part way through the season.

Leigh were still relegated and KC left the following year.

I’m not certain what the head or director of rugby role really brings to a club and I don’t see too many convincing examples of it being a success.

Jamie Peacock at Hull KR, Jon Wells at Castleford? Not in my eyes.

People will point to Kevin Sinfield at Leeds, but for me, he is more part of the coaching team, a man who knows the club and its culture inside out and is effective and respected because of that, with Gary Hetherington remaining the overall string puller.

Derek Beaumont must see a role for Garreth at Leigh, but I really hope it doesn’t impact on what has to be the sole focus this year – staying in Super League. It’s a big challenge.

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