Sheens explains what he thinks makes a marquee player

The new Salford director of rugby, Tim Sheens has laid out his perception of what makes a marquee player, at his first press conference with the club.

Sheens – who insisted he is here as director of rugby and not a potential replacement for Iestyn Harris – said that clubs will want a player who is going to have a major impact on games on a frequent basis, if they are to call them a marquee player.

He also said there are potential positions for a marquee player.

“If you are going to spend big money, you want someone who is really going to turn a game for you regularly,” Sheens said.

“A marquee player is possibly a seven, a six a nine or a one – or it could also be a prop forward.  But whoever a club brings in has to be an important player and a quality person.

“You need to bring in a player who can change the culture of the place.”