Shenton promises Castleford will refocus and aim for Grand Final glory after LLS triumph

Castleford are the league winners for the first time in their history: but captain Michael Shenton insists that is not enough for the Tigers this year.

Shenton has promised that after a celebration for their maiden League Leaders’ Shield success, the Tigers will refocus and go in search of a maiden Grand Final trophy too.

Speaking after the 45-20 win over Wakefield which secured top spot, Shenton said: “First goal done. Time to regroup now, get this out of the way and then totally focus on getting to Old Trafford.

“It’s been an absolutely awesome week. (We) came here tonight with the sun shining, we came out in the pre-game warm-up about 40 minutes before kick off and it was already packed, you just know it will be a special night.

“Wakey turned up. They gave us a real good game and it was a bit nervous here and there, and you could see it but we knew we were good enough tonight and an awesome finish to game. Now it’s time to celebrate.”

Shenton also dedicated the victory to the Tigers’ fans, who packed into the Mend-A-Hose Jungle to watch the Tigers lift the trophy.

He said: “It has just dropped down on perfect for us now. Thursday night. Perfect weather. The crowd (were) absolutely amazing, even the Wakey fans turned up and made it a special night for us.

“This is for the fans who have stuck by us for ups and downs throughout the years to now – to play Wakey, particularly in this game, it is a special night and now we are in the history books so (I’m) very proud.”