Six World Club Series stars we’d love to see in Super League

So a second World Club Series has come and gone, and we still await a Super League victory in the three-game series.

People will inevitably criticise the three Super League teams, but focus should instead be on the brilliant NRL representatives, who over the series put on a showcase in clinical finishing and stern defence.

We witnessed three magnificent teams and a number of world class individuals too.

It’s hard to signal out too many players, but there were a few stars that we couldn’t help but wish we could see on these shores more frequently.

Here are six players we’d love to see in Super League in the future.

Jayden NikorimaNikorima

When Sydney Roosters arrived in England without Mitchell Pearce, we didn’t expect them to have a replacement of the quality of Jayden Nikorima.

At just 19 (yes, honestly), Nikorima has an unbelievable amount of potential, and could well become one of the greats in the next ten years.

When you consider that was his Roosters debut, it’s frightening to think how good he could become.



Greg EdenEdenG 1513191

Of course, we’ve seen plenty of Greg Eden in Super League, but on the weekend’s evidence he has become quite the player recently.

His exceptional long-range try was magnificent to watch, but he showed bags of class on a solid debut for the Broncos.

He even earned praise from Wayne Bennett, which is a compliment in itself. We are blessed with some fantastic wingers in Super League, and Eden would fit in very nicely.



Ben HannantHannant

Hannant showed exactly why he has previously played for Australia as he took the game to Cuthbertson, Galloway and co.

The veteran prop was absolutely magnificent against the Rhinos and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Having now won the NRL Grand Final and the World Club Challenge, tasting Super League success is a prospect we really hope he finds appealing.



Dylan NapaNapa

From the very first minute, Napa showed he meant business against the Saints as he floored the immovable Alex Walmsley with a thunderous tackle.

From there onwards Napa dominated down the middle and frequently made plenty of yards throughout.

At 23, Napa looks like a very promising player for the future.



Anthony MilfordMilford

Arguably the best performer in the entire series, Milford put in an absolutely mesmeric performance against Wigan and proved exactly why he is in the World XIII.

A star in the NRL Grand Final last year, Milford looks set to become one of the greats, despite being just 21-years-old.

In a competition deprived of world class halfbacks, adding Milford to the Super League’s ranks would be an exceptional boost.



Johnathan ThurstonThurston J 150912303 (1)

Do we need to even write anything? He’s the world’s greatest player and he would be a stunning addition to Super League.

If for no other reason, imagine how many kicking tees young fans would have by the end of the season!

Arguably the best ever and one of the most humble too, the guy has class written all over him.