Smith admits he’s not too surprised by Brian’s departure

Warrington Wolves coach Tony Smith admits that given what he knew about brother Brian’s tenure at Wakefield, he wasn’t that surprised by his older sibling’s departure from the club.

Brian resigned from the Wildcats on Tuesday after less than a year in charge, with chairman Michael Carter admitting 24 hours later that the pair’s relationship had become “frosty”.

And Smith told the media on Thursday that his departure from Wakefield didn’t shock him that much.

“It took me by surprise but at the same time, knowing a little bit about things, I was not surprised,” said the former Leeds and England boss. “I know my brother is experienced enough and wise enough to know when things aren’t right.

“If things are frosty to the point where communication isn’t coming between two senior people within a club, it’s not a great recipe for success and I think he recognised that and took action.”

Tony offered a ringing endorsement of the job brother Brian had done at the Wildcats though, insisting that they’re in a better state than when he arrived.

“I think they’ve improved enormously from where they were last year. The fact that he felt things aren’t improving enough in enough areas probably says a whole lot, because wherever he’s gone he’s been able to turn teams around and leave them in a better state.

“I think he’s left them in a better state.”