Smith will require help with recruitment at Bradford

Bradford’s new head coach Rohan Smith has revealed he will need guidance with recruitment ahead of his tenure at the Bulls.

Smith is hopeful of arriving in the country later this week ahead of Bradford’s Championship clash with Swinton.

His tenure at the club starts during one of the busiest times of the season for recruitment, with players out-of-contract at the end of the year now available to speak to clubs with a view to next season.

And with the Bulls keen to strengthen their squad while also retaining their key players, Smith revealed that recruitment decisions will be made between a number of key personnel at the club.

“Every club that I’ve ever worked in has been a collaborative effort,” he told TotalRL.

“As an assistant coach I’ve had a lot of input in recruitment decisions or at least doing the groundwork for the end decision. It won’t just be my decision, but I’ll be gathering as much information as I can about all the players, and then going about showing them that I can improve them.

“That’s really my number one focus; to help every player improve individually as that helps the capacity of the team to grow. Hopefully as they get to know me they’ll be impressed by that, and feel that I’m the one to help improve their career at the Bradford Bulls.”