Video: Sonny Bill Williams boxing

We all know Sonny Bill Williams loves a scrap. Search his name on YouTube and you’ll find all manner of NRL punch-ups featuring the New Zealander and, more often than not, four or five others struggling to fend him off.

He decided to put that fighting spirit to good use and, as many of you will know, began a professional boxing career back in 2009. I stumbled across footage of some of his fights and found them incredibly interesting.

The 28-year-old is clearly nervous but lands some excellent hits and takes some, too.
Watching the Rugby League superstar going head to head with a heavyweight is extremely surreal but very entertaining. Certainly worth 15 minutes of your time.

To date, Williams has an unblemished record, with six wins from six fights, three of which came by way of knock-out. Indeed, only one heavyweight in New Zealand is rated higher than him.